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Ditch ~ verb~ to abandon or discard; of an aircraft landing on water.

Flight Manager Julie Margot has been Ditched before, but never in this sense of the word! Whilst she is well-accustomed to landing at international airports around the world, the rippling waters of North Hudson Bay are a new, and utterly terrifying destination for her and everyone else on board.

Finding themselves deep within the pages of their safety manuals, Julie and her crew draw on the drills and procedures that they never dreamed they would need, evacuating everyone onboard into rafts and setting up camp on the shore as they wait to be rescued… but will they be found before tragedy strikes?

On the most bizarre of layovers a new family is forming, and even a reluctant Julie cannot avoid ‘caring,’ that one emotion she has worked so hard to eliminate from her life. Without ‘caring,’ loneliness was a comfortable place, a place where the voices were quiet, but now they are back and standing firmly in the way of her happiness, which for just a moment she had dared to imagine...Will anyone rescue her from them…?

Available on Amazon as Paperback and Kindle version
Ditched: Work
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