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Back in the skies ✈️

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

And just like that I landed back into my flight attendant old life!

Like so many others my life was well and truly diverted this past 18months, but as I stood in the cabin yesterday doing what I have done for over two decades, I had moments where I wondered if it had all been a bad dream… had that all really happened?

Walking into a hotel room that smells of Lime Basil and Mandarin, drinking beers in Lucy’s with like-minded over sharers; strolling through Macy’s, and filling my trolley with random things in Target… I couldn’t stop smiling ☺️

New York was busy! Apparently just days ago it had been quiet but now that the borders have opened it is buzzing again, just like it always was.

A walk along the Highline home and now I am resting before check out, what a whirlwind it has all been! I wonder how I will feel after the night flight home… will the kids be prepared for Mum on ‘Landing Day’ again?😬

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