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Return to Barbados 🇧🇧

Almost two years ago exactly I worked my last flight to Barbados. It was a strange time, landing to the news that Trump had closed the USA borders to most of Europe as Covid took its grip on them, but that for now he would still allow us Brits in… it should have been good news, indeed in the short term it was, but as we all sat by the pool later talking over Banks beers and rum punches we couldn’t help but wonder what was going to happen next… we had all but given up trying to guess how things were going to go, dropped the positive ‘it will all be fine’ British attitude as things escalated.

The next day I wandered along to Cuzz’s and bought the obligatory Fish cutter sandwich. I sat on the beach to eat it, watching locals wander around, smiles on their faces and seemingly without a care in the world. For me this beach has always been a good place to clear my mind, it was where I came ten years ago when I landed in Barbados to the news that my dad had passed away. That day a young local had seen my sadness and sat down with me, offering me his joint and listening to me talk about what had happened… I declined the joint of course but thanked him for his time and his sympathy 😅

This time, minus the tears and the offer of a joint, I tried to take mental pictures of everything I saw, to absorb the sights and sounds and save them in my mind… I had come to this island several times a year for 20 years and had always appreciated how lucky I was, but not enough it seemed now as I sat with

a gut feeling that I wouldn’t be back for a while.

We all know what happened next…

Fast forward two years and I’ve landed back on the island for the first time since then! Oh how I smiled as I stepped off the plane! My favourite island was here the whole time, nothing had changed… except the face masks of course, but they are almost invisible now that we have become so used to them. So we drank Banks beers and toasted rum punches, and the next day after some time on the beach I bought myself a flying fish cutter… and then I sat on my balcony and took everything in once again…because as we come out of one crisis another is happening, and for all my happiness to be back I couldn’t help but think of the poor people in Ukraine who were so far removed from my blessed situation. I wish for them that this is over soon, and that one day the future will seem certain again. But will it ever? I for one will never take anything, especially health or travel for granted ever again. I will be soaking up every moment. ☀️

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