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The Osprey Series, Book Two

Susan Kennedy doesn’t need to feel guilty, about anything. Whatever Susan Harrison does when she is away, is absolutely nothing to do with her!

Meet Susan Kennedy - the perfect model wife to her rich older husband, and devoted mother to their children. But it’s not easy being so perfect all of the time, and sometimes she just needs a little break to recharge her perfect batteries…… so when Susan sets off to work as an International Flight Attendant the one piece of luggage that she doesn’t take is her wedding ring!

Susan Harrison is still young, free, and single … with a string of adoring lovers from Miami to San Francisco just waiting for her plane to touch down. As long as she keeps her two lives separated by at least an ocean, what can possibly go wrong?

When the blurring of the lines that she has so carefully drawn threaten Susan Kennedy’s perfect life, will she succeed in keeping Susan Harrison a secret? Or will her second life come down around her in one big crash landing..?

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Word on the Street

Another superb book from Kaylie Kay - cleverly written, with well developed characters, her books are compelling and it’s all to easy to stay awake until the early hours wanting to know what happens next.

Lisa H

Light hearted naughtiness.

Linda J

The double life Susan was living was exciting and there were so many twists and turns. Loved the characters The life as Cabin crew was spot on and realistic.


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