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The Osprey Series, Book Three

Is it possible to be a Vegas Girl and a mother?...
What happens in Sin City stays in Sin City, doesn’t it? Or, does it pack itself into your already over-weight baggage and come flying straight home with you?
Just back at work after having a baby, Flight Attendant Amber can’t wait to return to her champagne lifestyle and be back with her girls. After months of struggling as a single mother it’s just what she needs. But something has changed in her absence, her friends have upped their game, and now the stakes are much higher… Can she really do what they do now that she has to look her daughter in the eye when she gets home?
And what about the men - are they really all the same? Do they all just want to buy her? Even the perfect Callum Sellars? She had already been wary of them after Phoebe’s father, the root of all her troubles… the Airline Captain who she can’t avoid forever...
With so much self-doubt and so little trust left, will Amber ever see that she is worthy of having it all, or will she let the opportunities that life offers her just pass her by?

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Word on the Street

I’ve just finished the second of the Osprey series.....I am blaming these brilliant books for my late nights! Without A Doubt left me unable to put it down....and now I am hooked. As a flight attendant myself, Kaylie Kay’s books really tap into our very mysterious lives, but in such an escapist way!


Without a doubt another amazing book. I’ve read all 3 books and they are so gripping you can’t put it down you just want to see what happens next. I love getting into the setting and visualising it. Such an easy yet amazing read.


Wow! Kaylie has done it again with another incredible book. I was hooked right from the start and couldn’t put it down. I love that Kaylie has given Amber her very own story but still bought back a couple of the previous characters, linking them all together very briefly.

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